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Category: Events

I've booked a Dobbies event and need to make a change. How do I do this?

You can change the date of a booking or update the details by following the link on your confirmation email.  This takes you back to your booking and allows you to change the date or details.

How do I find out about upcoming events?

You can find out all about our exciting upcoming event right here: /events/upcoming-events/

How do I book events?

You can book events super easily on our website. Just click on the event you want to attend, then choose your location and then follow the steps. Once you choose your tickets you can add them to your basket, checkout and then enter your details. You will then receive a conformational email with all the details you need.

Bookable events - /events/upcoming-events/

What is the Little Seedling Workshops and Holiday Clubs?

The Dobbies Little Seedlings Club is a free-to-join gardening club where youngsters aged between 4–10, learn about plants, wildlife and the environment. These take place the first Sunday of every month.

Holiday Clubs are held throughout the year during school holidays, so your little seedlings can have fun and learn more about the wonders of the garden. 

Find out even more here:

What are the benefits of attending Little Seedlings events with your children?

There are so many great benefits about attending the Little Seedlings Workshops. Children learn plenty about plants, wildlife and the environment while having lots of fun and making friends. 

How often do Dobbies run Little Seedling Workshops?

Every first Sunday of the month at you local Dobbies. We even run extra workshop during the holidays. 

How do I book Little Seedling Workshops?

Simply click on the Little Seedlings workshop you want to attend and follow the instructions. Once you have entered all your details at the checkout and confirm you will then receive a confirmation email. 

Little Seedlinge events: /events/upcoming-events/

I want to share my event experience, where can I do this?

We would love to hear your thoughts! You can share you experience in multiple ways. (list channels where they can share e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

Does my local store run Little Seedlings events?

All our venues run our monthly Little Seedlings workshop. Once you click the event you can then choose which store you want to attend. 

Little Seedlings events: /events/upcoming-events/

When will I be able to book an event for Christmas?

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for when the events are live.  If you are a Dobbies Club or Club plus member we will contact you when priority booking is live.

Our events: /events/upcoming-events/